Our translations

absolute fidelity
to the original text
full comprehension
of scientific,
technical and patent-related contents
terminological searches
perfect terminological consistency
within each single translation, and overall in time in all our translations
possibility to work directly on patent EPO XML files
for a perfect formatting
optional comparisons
of DruckExemplar version with B1 version and with further documents present in the file inspection as well
extreme attention
to the client’s requests
any kind of hurry
no extra charge
possible customization
execution of glossaries
for each client
extensive separate translation notes
in 3 tables:
  • obvious spelling mistakes corrected
  • inconsistencies only pointed out, not corrected
  • Various translation notes
complete formatting
included in the price
drawings and final figures
according to client’s requests
accurate execution of all steps of our quality control checklist
including control/revision by a second translator
in case of great amounts of work
alternative discount forms
at client’s choice
for some types of translations
We can offer alternative forms of discount, as we already do with some of our main clients, only for patent translations from English into Italian and only within our major fields (chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, biotechnology, polymers).
Two alternative forms of discount:
  • yearly reduction for great amounts of work
  • reductions by size ranges for single works
price quotes possible for single works
free and no obligation
quality/price rate
very high satisfaction level
by all our clients
Scaramuzzino Resnati & C s.a.s.
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