Patent translations

  Sector Field Patent codes
(according to Cooperative Patent Classification)
% of patent applications
(according to EPO 2011 data)
01 Chemistry Pharmaceuticals A61K6/00; A61K9/00; A61K31/00; A61K33/00; A61K35/00; A61K36/00; A61K38/00; A61K39/00; A61K41/00; A61K45/00; A61K47/00; A61K48/00; A61K49/00; A61K51/00; A61K2121/00; A61K2123/00; A61K2236/00; A61K2300/00; A61K2800/00 4,0%
02 Chemistry Organic fine chemistry C07B; C07C; C07D; C07F; C07H; C07J; C40B 2,9%
03 Chemistry Biotechnology C07G; C07K; C12M; C12N; C12P; C12Q; C12R; C12Y 2,3%
04 Instruments Medical technology A61B; A61C; A61D; A61F; A61G; A61H; A61J; A61L; A61M; A61N; H05G 4,5%
05 Chemistry Cosmetics A61Q; A61K8/00 0,5%
06 Instruments Analysis of chemical and biological materials G01N 0,7%
07 Chemistry Macromolecular chemistry, polymers C08B; C08C; C08F; C08G; C08H; C08K; C08L 1,7%
08 Chemistry Food chemistry A01H; A21D; A23B; A23C; A23D; A23F; A23G; A23J; A23K; A23L; C12C; C12F; C12G; C12H; C12J; C13B; C13K 1,8%
09 Chemistry Basic materials chemistry A01N; C05B; C05C; C05D; C05F; C05G; C06B; C06C; C06D; C06F; C09B; C09C; C09D; C09F; C09G; C09H; C09J; C09K; C10B; C10C; C10F; C10G; C10H; C10J; C10K; C10L; C10M; C10N; C11B; C11C; C11D 2,6%
10 Chemistry Materials, metallurgy B22C; B22D; B22F; C01B; C01C; C01D; C01F; C01G; C03C; C04B; C21B; C21C; C21D; C22B; C22C; C22F 2,2%
11 Chemistry Surface technology, coating B05C; B05D; B32B; C23C; C23D; C23F; C23G; C25B; C25C; C25D; C25F; C30B 2,0%
12 Chemistry Micro-structural and nano-technology B81B; B81C; B82B; B82Y 0,2%
13 Chemistry Chemical engineering B01B; B01D; B01F; B01J; B01L; B02C; B03B; B03C; B03D; B04B; B04C; B05B; B06B; B07B; B07C; B08B; C14C; D06B; D06C; D06L; F25J; F26B 2,2%
14 Chemistry Textile and paper D01C; D01F; D21B; D21C; D21D; D21H; D21J 1,7%
15 Chemistry Environmental technology A62C; B01D; B09B; B09C; B65F; C02F; E01F; F01N; F23G; F23J; G01T 1,5%
    TOTAL 30,8%
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